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She was born on December 27, 1988 in Meridian, Mississippi. She is an American musical artist, vocalist and pianist of the Pop Punk band, Paramore. Highlights its powerful voice and striking red hair.

He started singing in the church of his native Mississippi. At age 13, Hayley moves from Meridian, Mississippi, to Franklin, Tenn., Where she meets brothers Josh and Zac Farro while attending school. Shortly after arriving, he begins to take singing lessons with Brett Manning. She was a composer of the group The Factory, a funk covers band where she meets Jeremy Davis. Hayley is currently a practicing Christian.

Among Hayley’s musical influences are Robert Smith of The Cure and Etta James, among others.

In 2004 she formed Paramore with Josh Farro as guitarist, Zac Farro on drums, Jeremy Davis on bass and her as vocalist, with the later addition of Jason Bynum, as second guitarist. After finishing the first tour of his album All We Know Is Falling, Bynum decides to leave the band, being replaced by Hunter Lamb, who after some time with the band also decides to leave her to get married. Currently Taylor York is the second guitarist. In 2005 Jeremy Davis leaves the band for personal reasons. Returning to the band’s request on July 24, 2005.