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Melissa Marie Benoist was born in Littleton (Colarado State) on October 4, 1988. She spent her childhood in Colorado with her sisters. During his youth he made a lot of theater shows among which the thematic bet Evita stands out.

In 2007 he graduated from Arapahoe High School, and in 2011 at Marymount Manhattan College, located in New York City. She made her debut as an actress in a movie called Tennessee, in which she played Laurel, a girl who was the same age (at that time she was 8 years old).

In May 2012, Melissa Benoist auditioned for the Glee music series. In July of that same year he obtained the role with which he would be constant within the television series. He played Marley Rose, a low-income girl who joined the Glee club and had a love affair with all his companions. Her role as Marley Rose led her to have her first Teen Choice Awards nomination in 2013, within the category of revelation star.

Melissa Benoist has also participated in series such as The Good Wife and Law and Order, where she played Jessalyn Kerr in episode four of Season 9. In September 2014, she starred in a film called Band of Robbers, which premiered on March 13. June 2015 at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Undoubtedly 2015 was a wonderful year for the actress, since apart from having her first leading role in film, in January it would be announced that she was chosen to play Kara Danvers, or what is the same Supergirl. In addition, in May and August of that same year it was also announced that he would have two new leading roles on the big screen.

Melissa Benoist was married to Blake Jenner, her co-star on Glee, and that commitment was announced on July 11, 2013. But things did not go well with the couple, and only three years later they divorced by mutual agreement.

Encarnar a Supergirl has brought many awards and nominations, such as the Teen Choice Award she received in 2017 in the category: best actress of television action. Melissa also confessed that the first time she put on the superhero costume was thrilled. The reason is probably because he is a big fan of superhero movies and series; his favorite Batman, but Michael Keaton’s

Another curiosity about her life is that she is passionate about music. His three favorite singers are also women: Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Regina Spektor.

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